Suicide awareness community workshops

Anahera o Te Rangi Charitable Trust is again partnering with Talk To Me Community Support Group with the delivery of the two sessions taking place on Saturday, 13 July 2019.

Because of demand from our community, the two sessions have been spread across one day.  To register you interest you can visit the facebook page 


We can’t always rely on Police, CMH to be readily available to be able to support when needed by a community member in times of crisis.  People are saying the community have the answers, then here is our opportunity to increase and empower people to be more resilience in their own communities. What better way to do this “for community by community”.  Majority of people that die by a suspected self-inflicted death die at home, so we need to empower our community to be on the lookout for those moments that may seem okay but are not easily picked up until after the fact, so why not train the community “NOW” to be aware of what to look out for.

Key Points Covered at Wánanga -

  • To deliver, support and empower the community to be more suicide aware so they can support that person, know what to do, and where to go for help.
  • To support the community to be more resilient and provide skills and strategies to the community when needed.
  • Have a favourable impact on the reduction of suicide events by empowering knowledge within the community.

 Desired Outcomes of Wánanga -

  •  To empower our community around being suicide awareness
  • To teach them the risk factors around suicide
  • To teach them about warning signs and what to look out for
  • Identify triggers
  • What to do when you know something isn’t okay
  • Removing the means of people hurting themselves
  • Learn how to create a safety plan with that person
  • Helplines and supports that are in the community
  • Providing follow up support

wahine purotu

The Wāhine Purotu programme is addressing the growing numbers of women who conduct self harm and/or commit suicide as a result of low self esteem and self worth. 

The Wāhine Purotu programme has been designed in response to a local need for preventative support for young women within our community who have showcased low levels of self esteem and motivation, have attempted self harm and/or suicidal ideology  

Wāhine Purotu is an intensive self development programme specifically designed for vulnerable women. The programme provides support and guidance to create different ways of being in the world by teaching new skills, understandings and ways of communicating. 10 participants will be selected to participate in wānanga each week over 10 weeks focusing on the following psychological and emotional welling components;
1) Self esteem and acceptance
2) Healthy relationships
3) Developing a positive mindset
4) Effective communication
5) Breaking the cycle

Throughout the duration of the programme participants will have time to talk, listen and share with other women within a warm, safe and sustaining environment to unload, uplift and empower each other through peer support. They will also participate in physical activity sessions and be provided with nutritional advice to support healthy function and well being.  Each participant will be screened pre and post intervention to measure levels of change and provide data for a tailored pathway for continued support moving forward. We have chosen to keep the programme intake to 10 people to ensure the needs of each individual is meet to a high standard and quality long term outcomes are achieved.

We know that every year approximately 500 people in New Zealand take their own lives, with many more attempting suicide or experiencing levels of distress that places them at high risk of suicide. 

We also know that suicide is typically the result of a combination of factors that have been unaddressed over a period of time. NZ Minitry of Health states; A range of protective factors can enhance a person’s wellbeing and resilience, and reduce their risk of suicide. These include: access to community and health resources, social connectedness, and the capacity to cope with life’s difficulties.

Wāhine Purotu offers all of the above protective factors to lift ones perspective of themselves and others, and to prevent the high levels of self-harm and suicide amongst some of our communities most vulnerable.  By providing this programme to vulnerable members of community, we are able to create higher levels of understanding, empowerment to create positive change and the tools to make it happen for short, medium and long term (inter-generational) benefits.

CHARITY FIGHT NIGHT - saturday 29 June 2019

marewa school mate ururoa programme

Anahera Trust has partnered with Marewa School to support the delivery of the Mate Ururoa programme. 

The Mate Ururoa programme is designed to support and develop the hauora of a small group of young Maori boys within the school.   Anahera Trust are utilising this group to gather baseline pre-intervention data, to assist with community analysis to help identify what our rangatahi, there whanau and our community need.  The programme is scheduled to continue to the end of the year.


We are proud to partner with Angel Promotions Ltd to bring Battle For Life (BFL) Charity Boxing to the Hawke's Bay community.

This epic event is the regions longest running Charity Boxing promotion having raised significant amount of funds for local charity over the past 10 years. 

Anahera o Te Rangi is the charitable recipient of Battle For Life and we distribute 100% of the funds raised back into the local community to support the charitable cause for that particular year. For the past four years BFL has dedicated its support to raising awareness of Suicide Prevention to address the growing rates of Suicide in our region. 

This annual event takes place in September every year and is held in Hastings.  For more information contact event manager Patrick O'Brien on 027 3545 324 or click the link below.

Anahera Trust was proud to support John Henden from the UK in the delivery of his one day program to share with us his indepth insight into suicide prevention that took place in February 2018.

After the amazing feedback we have received regarding the first Suicide Prevention workshop held in Hastings in August 2017. The session expanded more into the practicality of suicide prevention with additional Solution Focused techniques demonstrated. The day not only benefited those returning, but also for the new participants.

It was great to see such large numbers wanting to make positive change in the Hawke's Bay region.